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The Journey is the Reward

Motor Maids, Inc is motorcycling's 1st Women's riding organization, founded in 1940.  We are a diverse group of Ladies that love life and love riding.  We hail from all over the state so chances are that there is someone relatively close to you.

Ever need a riding partner?  Feel like tagging along to go to an event?  Want to meet the group?  Check out our events page for the next meeting or activity.  We try to meet for lunch in the off season periodically to keep in touch.  And in the summer, we try to schedule monthly rides or events that offer opportunities to get out of the house and on the bike.  So put us on your calendar and join the fun!

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Motor Maid Creed

A loyalty forever,

A friendship long and true,

These thoughts will be our memories,

As we the years review.

This pledge we make together,

The time be fleeting by,

May we inspire a fasting faith,

In all that is the Motor Maids.

 by Brenda Hickling-Thatcher  

Past President

JUMP IN WITH THE MOTOR MAIDS - 2014 Wisconsin Motor Maids A Z Tour

Tour Rules 2014

1) The Motor Maids Water Tour begins March 1, 2014 and ends November 30, 2014.

2) Participation is open to Motor Maids members, prospective members, all other women motorcycle riders.

3) To enter, each participant must submit the registration form, a full picture of themselves with their motorcycle and the $10.00 registration. The registration fee may be paid upfront or anytime up to November 30, 2014

4) The registration fee is for one participant and a single motorcycle. To enter more than one motorcycle for a single participant, an additional $10.00 fee must be submitted, with picture of rider and motorcycle.

5) Only riders may register; no passengers.

6) There is no minimum number of Water needed for entry consideration.

7) All pictures submitted must be obtained within the state of Wisconsin.

8) The person with the highest number of Water pictures submitted by November 30, 2014 will be the 1st place winner.

9) The top three places will be announced at a holiday party at the end of the year.


1) A separate photo for each body of water is required.

2) Photos must be clear and the sign readable.

3) Photos with motorcycles on trailers will not be eligible.

4) Photos must include the following:

a. Your motorcycle

b. You – in at least four (4) pictures.

c. The official sign must be visible.

5) Photos may be sent individually or as a group.

Photos may be emailed to backpackwi@yahoo.com.

Please use the A to Z Tour forms when mailing in photos.

6) Photos must be received by November 30, 2014.


Please contact Backpack at backpackwi@yahoo.com with any questions.

Thank you and enjoy the ride!!